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Knowledge and use

In Catalonia, a region inhabited by 7.5 million people, where there has been a migratory flow of 1.7 million foreigners in the last 10 years, Catalan is understood by 95.2% of the population, read by 79.1%, spoken by 73.2% and written by 55.8%. While it coexists with Spanish and 300 other languages, it is the first language of 31% of the population over 15 years old, and the language normally used by 36.3%.

One of the characteristics of Catalan is its capacity for linguistic attraction, i.e., people who consider it to be their language even though it is not their first language. In Catalonia, 750,000 people, 12.1% of the population over 15 years old, have adopted Catalan although they originally spoke other languages. The attractiveness of Catalan and its prestige can also be seen through the transmission of the language from one generation to the next: Catalan is making progress in this respect both in Catalan society as a whole and in most social sectors.

System of Linguistic Indicators

A selection of indicators helps us to track knowledge of the language and its use in various areas of society. This is a key component in the structure of language policy studies and indicators. It draws on all the sources of information available, using socio-linguistic data to generate tools for synthesis and dissemination.

Catalan in figures

A series highlighting facts and figures concerning the Catalan language, based on official statistics and information from institutions and agencies working on different aspects of Catalan.


Related information

Language Policy Reports

Annual report elaborated by the Directorate-General for Language Policy (DGPL), containing the most relevant activities regarding language policy from throughout the year, along with data on the situation of the Catalan language in various sectors of society. There is also a section dedicated to the situation of the Occitan language and Catalan sign language, all in line with the institutional legal framework, budget and structure.

In accordance with Act 1/1998, of 7 January, on language policy, each year the DGPL presents this report to the Parliament of Catalonia, and must also submit it for approval by the Social Council of the Catalan Language.

Related information