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University studies in Catalan


Institut Ramon Llull

Catalan can also be studied at university. Currently, the philology faculties of a dozen of our universities offer courses in Catalan. Moreover, you can study Catalan language and culture at 147 universities around the world, many of which belong to the Institut Ramon Llull’s Network for Catalan Studies Abroad.

Ramon Llull Institute

The Ramon Llull Institute promotes the study of Catalan language and culture in universities abroad, with which it signs agreements for the introduction or consolidation of Catalan Studies, providing support for universities, teachers and students through various programmes and grants.

Related information

Vives Network of Universities

The Vives Network is a non-profit institution that represents and coordinates joint action in higher education, research and culture at 21 universities in Catalan-speaking areas in four European countries (Andorra, Spain, France and Italy). Since 1994, it has offered a platform that provides services for universities, public and private organisations and society as a whole, with the aim of contributing to the construction and the economic and social development of a cross-border university region in Mediterranean Europe.

Update:  28.02.2017