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Civil Society and Language

The engagement of civil society with the Catalan language has an important social dimension and a long history.

Census of organisations promoting the Catalan language

The census of organisations supporting the Catalan language includes foundations and associations that carry out activities to promote the Catalan language within the scope of their activities. The promotion of Catalan is understood as the organisation of activities that foster positive attitudes towards Catalan or help to increase the knowledge and use of Catalan among the general population or among specific groups.

Casals Catalans

The Casals Catalans are social centres that form part of the Catalan communities abroad. These communities are private entities formed by Catalans or Catalanophiles around the world (social centres, associations, Catalan centres, academic and business groups, etc.), which the Government of Catalonia has recognised through an official agreement, in response to a request by the organisation. They play a vital role in projecting Catalonia to the world, familiarising people everywhere with the country and Catalan language and culture. They also help to create a network of associations in the area where they are established and, through the activities they organise and the relationships they form, they help to raise awareness of Catalonia. Contact with Catalonia is maintained through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Institutional Relations and Transparency.

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Update:  17.01.2017

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